One Photo Viewer for Windows 10

One Photo Viewer for Windows 7/8

This installer also work in Windows 10 but you will get a warning when installing since I don’t pay for a trusted certificate for this installer, Windows really don’t like that. But you can install anyway by clicking on “more info” or something like that.
Get it from Microsoft Store if you run Windows 10.

OPV_Setup_v1-13-1-0.exe SHA256: F4824DB27066A541709BDF506716C0775267418EDD9FF866821309DCEF367556

Release notes:

version (2020-10-12)

– Simplified Chinese language added

– Minor improvements and bug fixes

version (2020-07-27)

– HEIC and JFIF file association (

– Portuguese and Turkish language added

– Exit by ESC key (config file only, F2->exit_by_escape)

– Cursor auto-hide at full screen

– Minor improvements and bug fixes

version (2020-05-04)

– Option to open small images stretched out or not

– Switch image by mouse wheel reversed (change F2->wheelstep)

– Improved performance and bug fixes

– Languages added

version (2020-02-13)

– Animated GIF bug fix

version (2020-02-11)

– Full screen button added. All styles can go full screen (F11)

– Option to use mouse wheel to switch images

– Set zoom level to disable pixel interpolation (F2->scalingthreshold)

– File association improved

version (2019-10-08)

– Option to move and zoom entire window with mouse/touch (F3)

– Select window color theme dark, light or mixed (F5)

– Sharpness optimized at 100% zoom level (mouse double click)

version (2019-10-08)

– Filenames is sorted numerically correct

– Minor improvements and bug fixes

version (2019-09-29)

– Language support added. Contribute with your translation at

– WebP added to supported formats. See

– Delete selection (set crop area to background color)

– Option to show Pixel dimensions

– Option to show File size

– Option to loop images and slideshow, or not

– Filename is shown in Windows taskbar

– Config editor, press F2. Lock setting by adding attribute lock=”True”

version (2019-07-09)

– Minor improvements and bug fixes

version (2019-06-09)

– Always on top option (F4). Force window to stay on top

– Remember full screen option

– Option of slow random zoom effect during slideshow

– More cropping alternative

– Other minor improvements

version (2019-05-07)

– Image loading time improved

– Option to auto hide entire top panel (F12)

– Set Windows desktop background (Ctrl+B)

– Preserve window aspect ratio while resizing by pressing Ctrl

– Metadata handling updated, plus other minor improvements

version (2019-04-09)

– Print preview

– Make GIF animation from loaded images (Ctrl+G)

version (2019-03-12)

– Animated GIF support

– Display sleep disabled during slideshow