One Photo Viewer for Windows 10

Release notes:

version (2020-05-04)

– Option to open small images stretched out or not

– Switch image by mouse wheel reversed (change F2->wheelstep)

– Improved performance and bug fixes

– Languages added

version (2020-02-13)

– Animated GIF bug fix

version (2020-02-11)

– Full screen button added. All styles can go full screen (F11)

– Option to use mouse wheel to switch images

– Set zoom level to disable pixel interpolation (F2->scalingthreshold)

– File association improved

version (2019-10-08)

– Option to move and zoom entire window with mouse/touch (F3)

– Select window color theme dark, light or mixed (F5)

– Sharpness optimized at 100% zoom level (mouse double click)

version (2019-10-08)

– Filenames is sorted numerically correct

– Minor improvements and bug fixes

version (2019-09-29)

– Language support added. Contribute with your translation at

– WebP added to supported formats. See

– Delete selection (set crop area to background color)

– Option to show Pixel dimensions

– Option to show File size

– Option to loop images and slideshow, or not

– Filename is shown in Windows taskbar

– Config editor, press F2. Lock setting by adding attribute lock=”True”

version (2019-07-09)

– Minor improvements and bug fixes

version (2019-06-09)

– Always on top option (F4). Force window to stay on top

– Remember full screen option

– Option of slow random zoom effect during slideshow

– More cropping alternative

– Other minor improvements

version (2019-05-07)

– Image loading time improved

– Option to auto hide entire top panel (F12)

– Set Windows desktop background (Ctrl+B)

– Preserve window aspect ratio while resizing by pressing Ctrl

– Metadata handling updated, plus other minor improvements

version (2019-04-09)

– Print preview

– Make GIF animation from loaded images (Ctrl+G)

version (2019-03-12)

– Animated GIF support

– Display sleep disabled during slideshow