Support One Photo Viewer by submitting your own translation

One Photo Viewer is developed in spare time, so I have no resources to accurately translate it to other languages. Therefore I have made it possible for you as a user to translate and submit your own translation. After a review of the translation and perhaps a second opinion, the translation will be available for download here, and maybe included as one of the default languages in a later release.
Click here for instructions

Download language pack

Import to One Photo Viewer from right-click menu "More settings -> Languages -> Import languages".

no | Norwegian | Norsk – Thanks Rune Selland for Norwegian translation!

Included language packs

These ones you find in right-click menu "More settings -> Language".

en | English | English – Default language.
sv | Swedish | Svenska – Thanks me for Swedish translation!
ru | Russian | Русский – Thanks Yaroslav Akulov for Russian translation!
de | German | Deutsch – Thanks Jonas Blocher for German translation!
fr | French | Français – Thanks André Comte for French translation!
he | Hebrew | עברית – Thanks Adam Grinberg for Hebrew translation!
zh-Hant | Chinese (Traditional) | 中文(繁體) – Thanks Kotori Minami for traditional Chinese translation!
zh-Hans | Chinese (Simplified) | 中文(简体) – Thanks Wang Jingyu for simplified Chinese translation!
cs | Czech | čeština – Thanks Josef for Czech translation!
pt | Portuguese | português – Thanks Frederico Rogeiro for Portuguese translation!
pt-BR | Portuguese (Brazil) | português (Brasil) – Thanks Manuel Fraguas for Brazilian Portuguese! Based on Frederico's translation.
tr | Turkish | Türkçe – Thanks İlhan Filizoğlu for Turkish translation!
nl | Dutch | Nederlands – Thanks Theo van Santvoor for Dutch translation!
sr-Cyrl | Serbian (Cyrillic) | Српски – Thanks Dragan for Serbian (Cyrillic) translation!
sr-Latn | Serbian (Latin) | Srpski – Thanks Dragan for Serbian (Latin) translation!

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