Config file

Press F2 to open config file. Here all configurations is stored, such as the options you select in the righ-click menu.

Lock setting

Sometimes it can be useful to lock a setting so it will be the same att every start, yet you can change it during current session. Lock a setting by adding atribute lock=”true”.

Example: Blue background at every start but you can change it at current session (aslo see X11_color_names)
<add key=”background” value=”DodgerBlue” lock=”true” />

Example: Always open full screen
<add key=”rememberfullscreen” value=”True” lock=”true” />
<add key=”fullscreen” value=”True” lock=”true” />

Hidden options

Not all options have been found worthy of a place in the menu yet, but can be found in the config file. Here is a brief overview.

Sort images as in Windows File Explorer (might make OPV freeze at start for some)
add key=”shell32_sort_disable” value=”False”/

Exit the app by pressing Escape
<add key=”exit_by_escape” value=”True”/>

Automatically refresh image from file if changed by other software
<add key=”refresh_image_if_edited” value=”True” />

Change border color or hide it entirely (nice to combine with transparent background and F3, F12 options)
<add key=”border_color” value=”Transparent” />

Remove interpolation of images (if you are into pixel art)
<add key=”scalingthreshold” value=”0” note=”zoomlevel when BitmapScalingMode is set to NearestNeighbor” />

Adjust this if swiping to next image on touch screen is not working well
<add key=”swipetime” value=”250″ />

Change direction of mouse wheel image switch
<add key=”wheelstep” value=”0″ note=”-1 reversed, 0 no, 1 forward” />

Always show right-click menu when cropping (as it was originally)
<add key=”block_crop_menu” value=”False” />