Keyboard shortcuts

Full list of keyboard shortcuts in One Photo Viewer

Ctrl+1 -> Toolbar (show/hide), Pro version only

Ctrl+2 -> Thumbnail panel (show/hide), Pro version only

Ctrl+3 -> Always auto hide thumbnails, Pro version only

Right/Left arrow -> Next/Previuse image

Up/Down arrow -> Zoom in/out (smoother then +/- keys)

Ctrl + Up/Down arrow -> Zoom 100% / Zoom to fit window

+/- -> Zoom in/out (step by step)

0 -> Switch Zoom 100% / fit window

E -> Switch zoom 100% / fit window

W,A,S,D -> Move image inside window

F/R -> Next/Previuse image (forward/reverse)

Space -> Start slideshow

Ctrl+C -> Copy (image or selection)

Ctrl+V-> Paste image

Ctrl+X -> Cut selected area

Ctrl+Z -> Reset image

Ctrl+A -> Select all, select crop area full window

Enter -> Crop selection

Esc -> Hide crop tool, exit fullscreen. Or Exit app if exit_by_escape is set True in config file.

Ctrl+O -> Open

Ctrl or Shift at open or drag/drop-> Append images

Ctrl+S -> Save image or selection

AltGr+S or Ctrl+Alt+S -> Save as, image or selection

Ctrl+Shift+S -> Save as, and remove image metadata

Ctrl+B -> Use as wallpaper, image or selection

Delete -> Move image to Recycle Bin, or delete selection

Shift+Delete -> Delete image permanently

Ctrl+P -> Print

Ctrl+Left/Right -> Rotate image left/right

Ctrl+Mouse back/forward button -> Rotate image left/right

Ctrl+R -> Redo rezise

Ctrl+Q/W -> Reset/Redo color adjustment

Ctrl+M -> Macro script editor for batch processing

Ctrl+D ->Image description, show/hide

Ctrl+G -> Make GIF animation of loaded images

Ctrl+I -> (experimental) Show image metadata blob

Ctrl+N -> (experimental) Noise reduction

F1 -> Help window

F2 -> Show config file

Ctrl+F2 -> Open config folder

F3 -> Switch move/zoom entire window or only image inside (default)

Shift+Mouse click/drag or Mouse wheel -> Toggle mouse zoom and move window behavior (inverse F3 behavior)

F4 -> Always on top switch

F5 -> Refresh image from file

F6 -> Black background

Ctrl+F6 -> Dark window theme

F7 -> White background

Ctrl+F7 -> Light window theme

F8 -> Transparent background

Ctrl+F8 -> Transparent background that also is click through (resets at restart)

F9 -> Start slideshow

F10 -> Stop slideshow

F11 -> Fullscreen

F12 -> Change border style (Solid window / Minimal / Auto hide)

Ctrl+Resize -> Hold Ctrl while resizing window to preserve aspect ratio

Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Mouse click/drag -> Change the background color to the color beneath the mouse

Ctrl+Shift+Mouse click/drag -> Eraser tool. Set square beneath mouse to background color

Ctrl+Shift+Mouse wheel -> Change eraser tool size

Ctrl+Alt+Mouse click/drag -> Erase a color. Set the color beneath mouse to background color in entire image

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